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Drain Equipment

In order to efficiently carry out our range of drainage services in Yorkshire, Easaway Environmental’s team of engineers are fully equipped with the latest technology.

Some of the drain equipment used includes:

Sthyl SawSthyl Saw

  • Used in excavations to cut through tarmac, concrete and pipes.

Wacker PlatesWacker Plates

  • Used to compact down tarmac on completion of an excavation.

Root CutterRoot Cutter

  • Spins around on end of the hose to remove roots from drain.

Drain RodsDrain Rods

  • Fasten together to gain length in order to rod drains clear. Sometimes on a call we find these in drains where the resident has tried clearing the job themselves but the rods have come apart and been left in the drain run and made matters worse.

Cable & Pipe LocatorsCable & Pipe Locators

  • Used before an excavation is carried out to avoid cable damage.

Jetting NozzlesJetting Nozzles

  • For forward jetting, backward jetting and rotating sewer jetting.

Jetting UnitJetting Unit

  • Called a van pack fits inside a van

Seesnake Micro Inspection CameraSeesnake Micro Inspection Camera

  • Used for down the back of toilets, sinks, narrow pipes and pipes with tight bends etc


  • Used for sinks baths etc

Plunger HeadPlunger Head

  • Fastens on the drain rods

Pressure Testing MachinePressure Testing Machine

  • For plumbing

Manhole Lifting KeysManhole Lifting Keys

Attachments for HoseAttachments for Hose

  • For cutting roots

Drain DyeDrain Dye

  • Used to detect leaks

Air testing gauge kitAir testing gauge kit

Combi CameraCombi Camera – 60metre

  • This system utilizes a robust design, built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with pipe inspections. State of the art technology is used to ensure you get perfect picture quality every time. It has been developed with ease of use in mind and incorporates an 8 Page Text Screenwriter (with optional built in coded defects) and On-screen Meterage. Self levelling camera head. Multi Voltage 110v/240v/12vDC. Supplied with monitor, video and keyboard.

  • Ideal for inspecting pipes from 50mm through to 225mm (2” to9”)

Long Range GeneratorLong Range Generator 3.4kva

  • Ideal for providing power to pipleline inspection cameras, ventilation and lighting equipment

  • 12 hour running time

  • 230V - 16A 115V - 32A

  • Supplied complete with surge protector

  • Not for use in hazardous environments

Vacuum pressure plungerVacuum pressure plunger (air ram)

  • Used for sinks, baths

Easaway Environmental are the preferred and trusted choice formany leading Yorkshire public and private sector organisations:

Leeds City Council     Wakefield Concil     Kirklees Council     Spire Healthcare     Morrison    Lovell    West Yorkshire Police     Carillion     Crosby Homes